Aspiring to inspire…


Long Time No Talk!

Look at the dust around here. Such a bad blog-keeper. I’ve been focusing on my poetry lately since that tends to be emotion based and my life is a bit… oh… we’ll just got with chaotic… lately. Mhm. There’s been drama (the bad kind), several moves, and general craziness. So poetry has been coming out of me in waves and I have only done a whole lot of thinking on the Novel(s). Which means the blog gets a bit neglected. Oops.

But! I do have novel info for you. I do.

Solidified some plot point ideas on book 2. -_- Yes. The muse is still messing with me. I’ve been playing with some of the character names as well. One character has a pretty name but it doesn’t feel right at the moment.

And then I realized something. A lot of my characters deal with abuse of some kind, mostly sexual, and a lot of characters get kidnapped. o_O I’m thinking some things might need to be reworked a bit. Insert big heaving sigh here. I’ll figure out what’s going on… soon… ish.

Hope any of you readers are well!


Music and the Muse

Last night I was listening to character playlist music before bed. This means that I woke up today with story information swirling around in my head. Always pleasant. But sometimes I wish these big ideas and revelations didn’t change what I thought I knew. -_-

So now… I’m not writing a trilogy anymore. There are at least 4. And the roles of two of my characters were reversed. And I have the name Mynx floating around in my brain so I feel like this has to be used somewhere. o_O

Dear Muse, I love that music inspires you so much. But would you mind giving me inspiration on… oh, I don’t know… the FIRST novel. I’d like to finish the last 20k words sometime this year before I start tackling the rest in the series. Kay? Thanks.

The Beginning

Hello people!

This just might be the beginning of a wonderful friendship… Oh wait… Maybe I should rewind a bit? Yeah?

I’m 3/4 of the way done with a novel (with all my wonderful re-writes and edits in mind and/or written down already). I’m doing something that is generally considered a no-no and I’m writing a trilogy. This is a no-no because I’m not agented or anything. I’m just ambitious I suppose. Or crazy. o_O But whatever the case may be, you can join me along the way.

This blog will be used to talk about my writing, my research and interesting facts, and my journey to going from an aspiring writer to a published writer. Naturally, if/when I get published this blog’s purpose will transform slightly. I’ll still talk about my writing and random facts… but I’ll be on a different journey then.

So… either run away screaming due to not wanting to read yet another aspiring author blog… Or sit back and enjoy me weirdness. Choice is yours. But remember… choose wisely young padawan. Haha! I have always wanted to say that. Seriously though… see you around if you come back!