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Long Time No Talk!

Look at the dust around here. Such a bad blog-keeper. I’ve been focusing on my poetry lately since that tends to be emotion based and my life is a bit… oh… we’ll just got with chaotic… lately. Mhm. There’s been drama (the bad kind), several moves, and general craziness. So poetry has been coming out of me in waves and I have only done a whole lot of thinking on the Novel(s). Which means the blog gets a bit neglected. Oops.

But! I do have novel info for you. I do.

Solidified some plot point ideas on book 2. -_- Yes. The muse is still messing with me. I’ve been playing with some of the character names as well. One character has a pretty name but it doesn’t feel right at the moment.

And then I realized something. A lot of my characters deal with abuse of some kind, mostly sexual, and a lot of characters get kidnapped. o_O I’m thinking some things might need to be reworked a bit. Insert big heaving sigh here. I’ll figure out what’s going on… soon… ish.

Hope any of you readers are well!